Ajax Add & Retrieve MySQL records using jQuery & PHP

I love jQuery framework, feels like we can do some awesome things easily. If you are familiar with the basic of jQuery framework too, the next thing you have to do is learn to use jQuery Ajax to add and retrieve records from MySql database. Let’s take a look at how we implement real time add and retrieve records using Ajax. Continue reading


Ajax jQuery Tutorial, Simple Yet Powerful

Ajax jQuery Tutorial. Ajax is a programming technique that makes it possible to do data change with the server in the background, so the web page doesn’t need to refresh in order to change the page partially.

Here we go our hero again, jQuery!. By using jQuery, ajax development process is a lot easier.
In this tutorial we will learn how to implement Ajax using jQuery in our web pages. We will create a project to better understanding the topic.
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JQuery UI: Datepicker Tutorial

Datepicker Tutorial. Datepicker is a mind blowing widget in web 2.0. It is widely used in any modern web that needs a date as the input value. This Datepicker will make sure that the user inputs the correct format date (it can be 20/01/1990,20 January 1990, January 20 1900 and so on) to avoid any error.

JQuery UI provides us this widget for free (thank you for the founder 🙂 ). In this tutorial we will learn how to use Datepicker to be implemented in our web app. As it has many Options, we will only review some Options that i think is mostly used.
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PHP Autocomplete Tutorial Using JQuery

Autocomplete Php is a cool technic you should learn to make your website or you web application looks cool and also user friendly. As you might have known, autocomplete gives a user a list of nearly same data with what he or she is looking for.

In this tutorial we will learn together about how to use this technic in our sample web app using PHP and JQuery. Before we go to the tutorial, first we make a list of our need to build this app.
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